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PAVO establishes the officiating uniform for those who are certified as PAVO referees, line judges, and scorekeepers. 


Although uniform requirements can be a little less restrictive for line judges and scorekeepers, referees must wear this uniform:

  • An NCAA/PAVO volleyball uniform shirt that is all white, polo-style, and has the following specifications:
    • Approved official embroidered designation on the left sleeve.
    • An optional pocket on the left side of the chest.
    • Long or short sleeves.
    • Appropriate PAVO patch, which is worn on the right side of the chest (a conference or assignor may override this specification and require a conference patch or no patch). 

Complete specifications for the uniform shirt are available from the PAVO central office.  The only fabrics (weight and type) and styles allowed are those approved by the PAVO/USAV Interface Committee and the PAVO Board of Directors.  The approved logo for the uniform shirt is protected by copyright.

  • Dark navy blue slacks that are pressed and in good repair (not faded).
  • Dark navy blue shorts that are pressed (worn in tournaments only when high temperatures exist).
  • All white leather shoes with white crew socks.
  • Black or dark navy blue leather belt.
  • (Optional - approved for wear only through 12/31/14) An approved white V-neck sweater in100% cotton or Orlon with the approved official embroidered designation on the left side of the chest.  The sweater is worn over the approved uniform shirt, and may be worn by either referee while officiating a match. 
  • (Optional - approved for wear only through 12/31/14) An approved white sleeveless vest worn over the approved uniform shirt. The vest may be worn by either referee while officiating a match.
New outer garments approved in 2013:
  • Sport-Tek ¼ Zip Sweatshirt (F253) - white (complete specifications available from the PAVO central office)
  • Alo lightweight Jacket (Men’s-M4009, Women’s-W4009) - white (complete specifications available from the PAVO central office)
  • Logo placement FOR OUTER GARMENTS:
    Approved logo (“Volleyball Certified Official) shall be embroidered in polyester navy blue thread (thread color #2074 Marathon, #1643 Poly Medeira, #2768 Pantone or the equivalent).  The size of the embroidered portion of the logo is 3” wide x 1.25” tall.  The logo will be centered on the left side of the left sleeve, and shall be located 6-7” from the shoulder/sleeve seam for men and 5-6” from the sleeve seam for women
  • Guidelines for wearing outer garments.  Both the fleece-cadet and the jacket will be worn following these guidelines:

    • If a certification or conference patch is worn, it should be affixed in the right chest area.
    • Uniform shirt must be worn underneath.
    • Zipper in an appropriate location to allow the collar to be worn “polo-style” (not zipped to the top).
    • Sleeves not pushed up.
    • Nothing stored in the pocket.
    • It is recommended that both referees be alike in their choice of outer garment.

Referees should also carry these items:

  • Whistle attached to a lanyard.
  • Red and Yellow sanction cards concealed from view.
  • Timing device that can track seconds and minutes.
  • Ball gauge.
  • Ball pump.
  • Net measuring device.
  • Tossing coin.
  • Current PAVO rule book.

Line Judges and Scorekeepers

Line judges and scorekeepers who are certified by PAVO must wear the uniform that is described above for referees.  Many NCAA institutions hire line judges and scorekeepers who are not certified by PAVO. Although the non-certified officials are encouraged to wear the same shirt as referees, this is not a requirement. Line judges and scorekeepers who are not certified by PAVO can wear a plain white polo-style shirt with no visible logos.  The remainder of the uniform (slacks, belt,shoes, and socks) is identical to the uniform of a referee.

NCAA institutions are responsible for providing the items needed by line judges and scorekeepers. However, it is good practice for line judges to carry their own flags if they have a set, and for scorekeepers to bring their own writing instruments.


The following companies are approved vendors by both the Professional Association of Volleyball Officials and USA Volleyball to provide the required uniform for all women's and men's collegiate play.
For more information, please contact the vendor directly.

Great Lakes Apparel

Mary Malpede
1711 W Armitage Ct
Addison, IL 60101
(630) 691-8170 - Business Phone
(630) 691-8175 - Fax


The Ref Shop

Michael Hertz
4860 108th St. N.
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
(727) 392-7294 - Business
(727) 392-4050 - Fax


Time Out For Sports

Nancy Sommer
9716 Belair Rd
Baltimore, MD  21236
(888) 594-4884 - Toll-free
(410) 248-0068 - Business Phone
(410) 248-8827 - Fax


Roof Sportswear

Verna Klubnikin
12138 1/2 Woodruff Ave
Downey, CA 90241
(888) 830-8374 - Toll Free Business Phone
(562) 803-4530 - Fax & Business Phone


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