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NCAA/PAVO Clinic Schedule for 2013

You may obtain details regarding locations, times, and costs from the PAVO E-Store when you register or by contacting the host directly.
For 2013, those fees are:

  • PAVO current member (dues received in PAVO central office) $25.00
  • Non-PAVO member, non-collegiate referee $30.00
  • Non-PAVO member, active collegiate referee $75.00

Hosts may charge additional local fees to cover the cost of facilities, materials, etc. The entire registration fee (local clinic fees + PAVO clinic fees)
will be paid during online registration. Registration closes for each clinic on the Tuesday before at 11 pm Central time. After that time, you may attempt
to attend the clinic of your choice on a walk-in basis. However, clinics are not required to accommodate attendees who are not pre-registered,
and will do so on a space-available basis only. A walk-in fee of $50 will be charged in addition to the PAVO clinic fee and local clinic fee. As a
courtesy, if you miss the pre-registration deadline, please contact the host directly to notify them that you plan to walk-in, so that they can plan accordingly.

July 27 Savannah, GA Lester Hayman
July 27 Los Angeles/Orange County, CA Verna Klubnikin
July 28 Minneapolis, MN Tim Harlow
July 28 Murfreesboro, TN Elaine Mitchell
Aug 3 Phoenix, AZ Norma Carr
Aug 3 Pensacola, FL Kim Wishum
Aug 3 Harrisburg, PA Steven Cooper
Aug 4 Kansas City, MO Lisa Kresha
Aug 4 Chapel Hill, NC Mike O'Connor
Aug 4 Rochester, NY Jeff McKinney
Aug 10 Chicago, IL Jackie Evans
Aug 10 Omaha, NE Bill Stanley
Aug 10 Newark, NJ Alan Sowa
Aug 11 Louisville, KY Nancy Funk
Aug 11 Fargo, ND Perry Holweger
Aug 11 Atlanta, GA Bob Hume
Aug 11 Austin, TX Carlos Rodriguez
Aug 11 Lakeland, FL Eric Vlahov
Aug 17 Spokane, WA Dale Goodwin
Aug 17 Baltimore, MD Charles Ezigbo
Aug 17 Indianapolis, IN Bill Thornburgh
Aug 18 East Lansing, MI Ann Hutchins
Aug 18 Weston, MA Steve Webster
Aug 18 Bay St Louis, MS Rob Brecheisen
Aug 24 Tacoma, WA Marc Blau
Aug 24 Albany, NY Mara Wager
Aug 25 Santa Clara, CA Ray Mink
Aug 25 Elyria, OH Diane Plas
Aug 25 Denver, CO Glo Bailey

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