About PAVO

Under the former organization name of The Affiliated Boards of Officials (ABO), PAVO established a long history as a professional organization for volleyball officials. For many years, ABO was a division of the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS). However, in about 1994, ABO began operations as an independent, non-profit organization working to train and certify volleyball referees in close partnership with USA Volleyball, NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. At that time, we clarified our purpose and scope with a new name -- The Professional Association of Volleyball Officials.

Individuals join PAVO through a local chapter, or "board." Local boards are responsible for holding clinics and business meetings, providing examination opportunities both in the classroom and on the volleyball court, and promoting their certified members to the local hiring entities (schools and conferences). The national organization, through the PAVO Board of Directors, establishes policies for all levels of certification, creates written and on-court examination procedures, disseminates information regarding rules, officiating techniques, and officiating opportunities, advocates for officials within the volleyball community, and provides training and certification opportunities on a national level.

PAVO members receive the following member benefits:

  • Subscription to the Official Word, a joint newsletter published five times per year in conjunction with USA Volleyball.
  • PAVO/NCAA Rules Interpretation Newsletters, published two to three times per year.
  • Professional liability insurance and secondary medical insurance coverage.
  • Opportunity to take a written certification examination prior to the start of the women's collegiate volleyball season.
  • Opportunity to certify as a PAVO National Referee, the highest certification level available through this organization.
  • Discounted registration fees to the PAVO Officials Convention and training events such as clinics and camps.
  • Discounts from travel vendors (such as Hertz Rentals) and vendors of officiating supplies.

The purpose of the PAVO is to promote quality volleyball officiating by:

  • Providing the officials' perspective to rules writing bodies.
  • Developing and distributing information on officiating techniques.
  • Providing educational materials for training and rating officials.
  • Establishing the criteria for progressive levels of officiating certification and directing the certification process for PAVO National referees.
  • Disseminating information about officiating opportunities.
  • Promoting the use of officials who are certified by PAVO.
  • Developing and maintaining professional and ethical conduct guidelines for volleyball officials.
  • Providing the organizational and administrative structure for the coordination of member boards.
  • Promoting standards with respect to fees, ratings, and uniforms.

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