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PAVO Mission Statement and Purpose


The Professional Association of Volleyball Officials (PAVO) is dedicated to improving the quality of volleyball officiating for all rules codes and skill levels. PAVO strives to increase the number of competent officials through education, training, and mentoring and promotes involvement in the governing bodies of other volleyball officiating groups.


To achieve its mission, PAVO shall endeavor to provide the following services:

Provide an official’s perspective to organizations that write volleyball rules.
Develop and distribute information on volleyball rules and officiating techniques.
Involve officials in rule development and volleyball administration.
Develop and distribute materials for training and certifying officials.
Establish standards and procedures for evaluating and certifying officials.
Distribute information about officiating responsibilities.
Establish and maintain a PAVO Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, PAVO Handbook for Affiliated Board Chairs, and materials to assist officials and officiating organizations.
Establish standards for officials’ uniforms and comportment.
Develop guidelines for officiating fees. 
Support and improve officiating in organizations offering volleyball competition.
Represent, and advocate for, the interests of volleyball officials.
Promote and communicate opportunities for volleyball officials.
Establish and support membership categories to promote involvement in volleyball officiating.
Provide such other services as might be appropriate or necessary to achieve PAVO goals.