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Uniforms and Approved Vendors

Approved Vendors

The following companies are approved vendors by Professional Association of Volleyball Officials to provide the required official's uniform, equipment, and accessories for all women's and men's collegiate play. 

For more information, please contact the vendor directly.



(Exclusive approved uniforms)
Customer Service
(833) 250-1995

 Roof Sportswear
Verna Klubnikin
12138 1/2 Woodruff Ave
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 927-2267 
Time Out For Sports
Nancy Sommer
9716 Belair Rd
Baltimore, MD  21236
(888) 594-4884 - Toll-free
(410) 248-0068 - Business Phone
(410) 248-8827 - Fax

Uniforms and Equipment

Having the correct uniforms and equipment on hand before the season begins is critical. Check with your conference coordinators and assignors to ensure you know their uniform requirements, as they may override these PAVO guidelines:


  • A PAVO/USA Volleyball polo-style shirt that is one of the three (3) approved colors, with the following specifications:
    Approved official designation on the left sleeve (“Volleyball Certified Official”), which is protected by copyright.
    - Long or short sleeves.
  • For matches played using NCAA rules, the appropriate PAVO patch is worn on the right side of the chest.
  • Regarding the variations of uniform colors:
    Referees must dress alike. The white shirt is the default, so all referees must own a white shirt.
    - If one referee opts to wear white for a particular match, both will wear white.
    - When wearing an alternative color, referees should not wear a color similar to either team.
    - Conference coordinators may help determine whether one of the team colors in their conference is too similar to the cyan blue or light gray officials shirt.
    - Scorers and line judges may either wear the current white shirt, or may match the referees if the referees wear an alternative color.
  • Dark navy blue slacks that are pressed and in good repair (not faded).
  • Black or dark navy blue leather belt (if slacks are made for a belt).
  • Shoes and socks that meet the following specifications:
    - Clean, white athletic shoes
    - Non-marking rubber soles
    - No exposed “coils” (for example, the “Z-Coil” style)
    - All white socks, at least crew length
  • Optional outerwear that may be worn while officiating a match, if permitted by the conference or assignor:
    - Certified officials jacket - white, with approved official embroidered designation on the left sleeve (“Volleyball Certified Official”). 
  • Guidelines for wearing outerwear. The jacket will be worn with the white uniform shirt (only) following these guidelines:
    - If a certification or conference patch is worn, per the instructions of the conference, it should be affixed in the right chest area of the outerwear.
    - If one referee opts to wear outerwear during the match, both referees must wear a polo or outerwear of the same color. For example, one referee may wear white outerwear, if the other referee wears a white uniform shirt.  Line judges and scorers do not have to match the referees regarding outerwear.
    - The color of the outerwear must be the same as the uniform shirt worn underneath.
    - Zipper should be placed in an appropriate location to allow the collar to be worn “polo-style” (not zipped to the top).
    - Sleeves must not be pushed up.
    - Nothing stored in the pockets.
    - It is recommended that both referees be alike in their choice of outerwear.
  • Other equipment for referees:

    - Whistle attached to a lanyard
    - Red and Yellow sanction cards concealed from view
    - Timing device that can track seconds and minutes
    - Ball gauge
    - Ball pump
    - Net measuring device
    - Tossing coin
    - Current NCAA rules book and PAVO Officiating Manual

  • Other equipment for line judges:

    - Flags (in case host school does not provide)

  • Other equipment for scorers:

    - Blue/black and red pens
    Extra scorekeeping forms
    Watch/timing device

Note: Uniform shirts may only be sold by vendors approved by PAVO. Uniform shirt specifications are available from the PAVO Central Office ( The only fabrics (weight and type) and styles allowed are those approved by PAVO.