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Membership and Affiliation

By joining PAVO, you become part of a synergistic group dedicated, in part, to increasing the number of competent officials through education, training, and mentoring. PAVO membership greatly enhances professional development and provides important networking opportunities. Many assigning entities and their representatives require the insurance and certification benefits associated with PAVO membership.

New with the 2023-2024 PAVO membership season, PAVO will offer a single membership registration option with an annual fee of $85.00 per individual membership.

PAVO also offers local officials' organizations the opportunity to join via affiliation as a member board. For more details, see the Affiliated Board section at the bottom of this page.

2023-2024 PAVO Membership Structure and Dues

Individuals who agree to the PAVO Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, the PAVO Conditions of Membership and Waivers, and payment of the appropriate membership fee may join PAVO.  Membership registration opens June 22, 2023, at 12:00 Noon CT.

  • The term of any individual PAVO membership is 1 year (June 1 to May 31). 
  • PAVO late fee starts August 15; late fee is $45.00. 
  • Affiliated Boards may also assess a late fee and may require membership registration prior to August 15 to avoid the Affiliated Board late fee.

Members may join in one of the following membership categories.

Referee Member (Standard Membership)
A membership option that allows an individual to be eligible for certification* as a referee, line judge, and/or scorer. Referee (Standard) members join PAVO through an Affiliated Board. The current cost of an annual membership for Standard members (including mandatory annual NCAA Central Hub registration dues and Affiliated Board dues) is:

PAVO Dues NCAA Registration Affiliated Board Dues
(local board)
$85.00 $90.00+ Varies $175.00 + Affiliated Board dues


Line Judge/Scorer Member (Associate Membership)
A membership option that allows an individual to be eligible for certification* only as a line judge or scorer. Line Judge/Scorer (Associate) members join PAVO through an Affiliated Board. The current cost of an annual membership for Associate members (including mandatory annual NCAA Central Hub registration dues and Affiliated Board dues) is:

PAVO Dues NCAA Registration Affiliated Board Dues
(local board)
$85.00 $40.00+ Varies $125.00 + Affiliated Board dues


Affiliate Membership
A membership option for an individual interested in, or supportive of, PAVO affairs and who is ineligible for any certification. Affiliate members receive PAVO communications and newsletters. Affiliate members join PAVO directly, so please contact Lynette Muller in the Central Office ( or 316-788-4035) for more details.

* Membership (Referee, Line Judge/Scorer, or Affiliate) in PAVO or any Affiliated Board does not guarantee match assignments or attainment of any referee, line judge, or scorer certification.

+ New with the 2023-2024 PAVO membership year, registration with the NAIA (Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Volleyball) and access to the NAIA Volleyball Central Hub is included, at no additional cost.

Affiliated Board

A volleyball officiating organization may affiliate with PAVO as an Affiliated Board and register Standard and Associate individual members of PAVO if the organization fulfills the following minimum requirements and such other requirements as the PAVO Board of Directors may establish from time to time:

  • Meet the qualifications set forth in the PAVO Handbook for Affiliated Board Chairs.
  • Provide training for volleyball officials.
  • Provide opportunities for Members to receive PAVO ratings and certification.
  • Complete reports required by PAVO.

Direct questions to Lynette Muller, Executive Administrator, PAVO Central Office at or 316-788-4035.

Direct technical questions to