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Volleyball Links

Information on volleyball-related topics can be found on the following sites:

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA)
National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
U.S.A. Volleyball

USA Volleyball (USAV) is the National Governing Body for the sport (under the United States Olympic Committee) and trains officials for the various levels of competition that it sanctions. The rules established by USA Volleyball are often adapted to meet the needs of organizations that serve specific populations, and this means that those groups also train officials to administer their rules. See Appendix B for a comparison of differences among the three most widely used sets of volleyball rules.

PAVO works closely with USA Volleyball to promote consistency in rule interpretations, officiating techniques, examinations, and uniforms. A joint committee with representatives from both organizations has developed agreements that establish criteria for:

Awarding reciprocal referee ratings between PAVO and USAV. Download that agreement here.
Nominating candidates for the national rating processes of each organization. Download that agreement here.

Wearing appropriate officiating insignia at volleyball matches where women's NCAA volleyball rules are used. Download that agreement here. In USAV, each section of the country is administered by a Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) that sanctions tournaments and league play for women, men, girls, and boys of all ages and skill levels. Each RVA has a contact person who is in charge of developing officials.

To find an RVA in your area, go to USAV's Web site at:

Direct questions to Lynette Muller, PAVO Central Office at or 316-788-4035.


Direct technical questions to