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PAVO Website Assist

Having trouble with your PAVO account, registration check-out, or any other PAVO web-related issue?  Often it's only a minor data issue that stands in the way of completing your task, but this issue creates frustration when encountering a persistent error.

PAVO now has a dedicated email address to notify web development of issues for quicker and more effective resolutions.  This process will not only speed up resolution but hopefully reduce frustration for the user (and other users as well if a broader issue is identified).

To file a ticket, follow these steps:

  1. If you encounter a persistent issue, and it doesn't appear you to be related to any data entry that you can correct, stop and follow the remaining steps!  We don't want users to get any more frustrated than necessary in resolving issues.  Your issue will be resolved.
  2. Compose an email to rather than contact the PAVO Central Office.  This will expedite analysis.  
  3. Identify the specific task being undertaken at the time of the issue (logging in, creating an account, checking out at E-Store, etc.)
  4. If you know how to take a screen shot, attaching any screen shots would be helpful.
  5. Tell us your PAVO user name
  6. Indicate the date and time that the issue occurred. The website has an event log that tracks any errors that occur based on user name and event time, so items 5 & 6 may help in identifying the specific situation.

PAVO strives to create a smooth, error-free experience for all users.  As the bumps get worked out of the new system we will achieve this goal, but in the meantime please be assured that we will work toward resolving issues as quickly as possible.