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Welcome to TRAINING

Referees, line judges, and scorers have numerous opportunities to learn and improve their officiating skills through the myriad of training and education programming offered by and/or with PAVO.

Local Training

Each PAVO Affiliated Board offers grassroots training and certification for referees, line judges, and scorers at local events. A list of contacts for Affiliated Boards is available here - contact the board nearest you for more information.

NCAA/PAVO Training Clinics

The NCAA/PAVO Training Clinics are intended to prepare officials for the upcoming women's collegiate season. The clinic curriculum include the new NCAA rules, new techniques and protocols, professionalism, and other areas of emphasis. To make your plans to attend a clinic, contact the host listed on the published schedule for specific details regarding locations, times, fees, etc. Most conferences and assignors highly recommend clinic attendance as a preparatory step for officiating in the upcoming season. The NCAA considers clinic attendance as criterion for post-season officiating selections. Registration begins in early July.

Training Camps

The PAVO Training Camps are held in a variety of venues, including NCAA Division I spring tournaments, USAV events, team/player summer camps on college campuses, and NCAA Division II and III events. The camps offer the opportunity for video and verbal review by experienced, high-level officials in a non-threatening environment.

Training for Support Officials

PAVO develops and updates training materials for scorekeepers and line judges, including training videos, manuals, and examinations. Visit the PAVO E-store for more information.

For any additional questions you may have, contact Miki Kennedy, Member Services, PAVO Central Office at or