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2024 Clinic Registration Opens Monday, July 8, at 12:00 Noon CT!

Pre-season officials’ clinics are one of the cornerstone programming efforts collaboratively managed by the NCAA and PAVO. Clinic programming, content development and distribution, and clinician-driven delivery platform are partially funded by a grant from the NCAA and are primarily intended to prepare officials for the upcoming women's collegiate volleyball season. While all volleyball officials are invited to attend, most conferences and assignors highly recommend (many even require) clinic attendance as a preparatory step for referees for the upcoming season.

Clinic curriculum typically includes new NCAA rules, new techniques and protocols, matters related to professionalism, and other areas of emphasis. The NCAA considers clinic attendance as required criterion for postseason officiating assignment. Pre-registration is completed online through the PAVO E-Store. Clinic registration fees are provided below.

2024 Clinic Registration Fees

Pre-Registered/Pre-Paid Online

Current PAVO member*    $40   + Local Host Fees (if applicable)
Non-collegiate referee    $35   + Local Host Fees (if applicable)
Women’s collegiate referee (not a PAVO member)     $95   + Local Host Fees (if applicable)


*To register for a clinic at the PAVO member rate, you must have completed the 2024 online member dues payment process in a separate transcation. You must have accepted the PAVO Conditions of Membership, general waiver, and media release, all of which are a part of the PAVO online member dues payment process.

2024 Clinic Registration opens on Monday, July 8, at 12:00 Noon CT. You must register online by 12:00 Noon CT on the Tuesday before the clinic date. If you miss the pre-registration deadline, you may attempt to attend the clinic of your choice as a walk-in. However, clinic hosts are not required to accommodate attendees who are not pre-registered and will do so on a space-available basis only. A walk-in fee of $50 will be charged in addition to the PAVO clinic fee and local clinic fee. As a courtesy, if you miss the pre-registration deadline, please contact the host directly to notify them that you plan to walk-in, so that they can plan accordingly.  Please contact the host directly if you have any other questions.

If you do not have a credit card please call the PAVO Central Office (316-788-4035) to pre-register for the clinic of your choice.

PAVO will accommodate boards and conferences that pay the clinic registration fees for the individuals on their roster. If your board chair or conference coordinator has informed PAVO that s/he is responsible for your clinic registration fee, you will see a prepaid "voucher" in the system which will reflect that responsibility. Even if a third-party is paying your registration fee, you must pre-register online to avoid the $50 walk-in fee!

Interested in hosting a clinic? Most hosts are PAVO Affiliated Boards or collegiate conferences. For information about hosting a clinic, contact Lynette Muller at the PAVO Central Office. Lynette can be reached by email at or phone at (316) 788-4035.

Direct questions to Lynette Muller, Executive Administrator, PAVO Central Office at or (316) 788-4035.

Direct technical questions to