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Membership Registration FAQs


To assist you in the membership registration process, PAVO has developed this set of FAQs.  They are broken down by category.  Select the appropriate category below to find the applicable FAQs for that category.

PAVO Web Account
Membership Registration Process
Accepting Terms and Conditions of Membership
Membership Types
Selection of Local Board
E-Store Product Selection and Purchase
Central Hub Registration



PAVO Web Account:


Q: I had a PAVO web account years ago but have not been a member in a while.  Do I need to create a new account?
A: No, each member may only have one web account.  Creating a new account will break your previous membership history.

Q: I want to change the email or password associated with my web account.  How do I do that?
A: After logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page, then click the "My Account" button.  Your email address is under the Account Settings group.  You can change your password in the Manage Password group.

Q: I forgot my password.  How do I retrieve it?
A: Your password cannot be retrieved, but it can be changed.  Click the login button, then click the "Reset Password" button.  IMPORTANT: Enter ONLY your email address in the box provided--do not enter your user name.  By entering your email address the system will send you an email with your user name and instructions on resetting your password.  One of the most frequent issues is users incorrectly entering their user name and not receiving the reset email.

Q: I am attempting to register for PAVO but am either getting a generic pink error message or a message stating "email address is already in use."  How can I finish my registration?
A: In most cases, this is because the system is identifying that you already have an account in the system based upon your information provided.  Contact PAVO Help at with information on the email address you provided, and we will investigate as quickly as possible to get your account fixed.

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Membership Registration - Process:

Click here to view the step-by-step guide for membership registration.


Q: What are all the steps necessary to complete my PAVO registration?
A: There are three steps required:  Accept terms and conditions of membership; pay for PAVO, Central Hub, and local board membership; and register with the Central Hub.  Your registration is not complete until you complete all three steps.

Q: Is it necessary to complete all three steps at the same time?

A:  While it is advised that you complete all steps at the same time, it is not a requirement.  The PAVO website keeps track of your progress ,and, once a step is completed, returns you to the proper next step.

Q: What if I do not want to register for either Central Hub or PAVO?
A: Registration with a local board requires concurrent registration with PAVO and Central Hub.  You cannot complete registration without having all three items.

Q: How do I start the registration process? 
A: Go to membership registration at this link, and the page will walk you through the process.  You can always return to that link by going under "My Ref Kit" to the "PAVO Membership Registration" link under your Officials Dashboard.

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Accepting Terms and Conditions of Membership

Q: Where can I find the terms of membership?
A: There are two documents that you will need to have: PAVO Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and PAVO Conditions of Membership and General Waiver.
Both documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links above.

Q: I have a problem with one or more of the components of these documents.  Can I choose to answer "No" on the Accept Terms page?
A: Your registration cannot proceed unless you choose Yes to all six questions.  You must agree to all terms to move forward.

Q: I am not yet 18 years old.  Why can I not accept terms?  How can I register?
A: Since the acceptance of terms is a legal agreement, you must be 18 years old to accept terms.  To register, you must have a parent or guardian complete a paper form on your behalf.  To do this, contact the PAVO Central Office at to have this form sent.  Once the office receives this form, you will be allowed to proceed with registration.

Q: Why am I required to enter my PAVO password at the end?  Aren't I already logged in?
A: Since the acceptance of terms is legally binding, your providing your password is a validation that you actually completed the process.  The password provided at the end is matched against the account to assure that it really is you accepting these terms.  For this reason you should never provide your account password to another person.

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Membership Types

Q: What is the difference between a Standard and an Associate membership?
A: A Standard member is a member who currently has or intends to have PAVO certification as a Referee, regardless of any other type of certification.  An Associate member is a member who currently has or intends to have a PAVO certification ONLY as a Line Judge and/or Scorer and NOT as a Referee. 

Q: I was last registered as an Associate but want to register for the same board as a Standard.  How do I do that?
A: When you are taken through the registration flow your default option will be to re-register for the same board with the same membership type.  Select "No, I want another option" and then "Register for [your board name] as Standard."  The same process applies if you were previously a Standard but want to change to Associate.

Q: I originally registered as an Associate but realize I really wanted to be Standard (or vice versa).  How do I correct this?
A: Contact the PAVO Central Office at for assistance.

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Selection of Local Board

Q: How do I choose the local board for which I am registering?
A: If you were previously registered, the default selection will be for you to re-register for the same board.  If you do not wish to re-register with that board, click the button that says "No, I want another option." You will have the option to select a different board.

Q: I don't know the name of the board for which I want to register - just the name of the Board Chair.  How do I know which board to register?
A: You will have the choice of selecting boards from within your state or another state.  When the list of boards is presented it will have the name of the Board Chair as well as the board itself.  You can select your board based upon that information.

Q: Why do I have options for boards way outside of my state when I see the list of possible boards?
A: The system is designed to recognize boards that others in your state are registered.  In some cases people may have moved or choose to belong to boards outside of their area.  This is automated and not designed to recognize adjacent states. Feel free to ignore ones that do not seem logical.

Q: I originally registered for one board but realized I chose a wrong one with a similar name.  How do I correct this?
A: Contact the PAVO Central Office at for assistance.

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E-Store Product Selection and Purchase

Click here to view the step-by-step guide for membership registration.

Q: How do I get to the proper registration product on the E-Store?
A: When you go through the registration wizard you will be given a link to take you to the proper E-Store product.  Click on that link to begin the purchase path.

Q: The registration wizard says that the product is not yet setup.  What does that mean?
A: Each Board Chair is required to complete a set of tasks prior to their board being setup for registration.  If the Chair has not completed one or more of these tasks, the product will not be available.  Please contact your Board Chair for more details.

Q: When I click on the page to go to the E-Store, I get a generic pink error message.  What did I do wrong?
A: Likely nothing.  There may have been an issue with your account or the product setup.  Contact for assistance.

Q: I just wanted to register for my local board, but I also see registration for PAVO and Central Hub.  I don't want those.  How do I remove them?
A: Registration with local boards requires concurrent registration with PAVO and Central Hub.  You must have all three products in your cart to move forward.  If you click the garbage can icon to delete any of these items, your cart will be emptied and you will have to start over.

Q: When I try to pay for my registration, I end up getting caught in a loop or get a generic pink error message.  What did I do wrong?
A: Likely nothing.  There may have been an issue with your account or the product setup.  Contact for assistance.

Q: I finished my registration and got a receipt that says I still have additional actions to complete.  Why aren't I done?
A: Although you have completed two of the three steps, you still must register with Central Hub.  The link on your email receipt will take you back to the membership registration page to complete that step.  This step is very important as Central Hub registration  is required for you to access the annual exam, get your Welcome Packet, and other key actions.

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Central Hub Registration

Q: Can I just sign in directly with my Arbiter account and get to Central Hub through that way?
A: You will need to sign in with Arbiter first, but the PAVO website has a special process that passes information to Central Hub.  You must access Central Hub using that process.  PAVO has created an instructional video demonstrating the process of completing Central Hub registration.

Q: How do I access Central Hub through the PAVO site?
A: Once you return to the PAVO Membership Registration page, you will be given instructions on accessing Central Hub.  Please read them carefully and follow them closely.  If you are not sure if you are logged into Arbiter, open Arbiter in a new tab and login to your Arbiter account.  After logging in on Arbiter, return to the PAVO tab and click your personalized link to begin Central Hub registration.

Q: My email for PAVO is different than the login I use at Arbiter.  How can I fix that?
A: At the bottom of the page is a button to change what PAVO recognizes as your Arbiter login  Click on that and enter your Arbiter login.  Your corrected Arbiter login will be displayed.  Please note: This will not change your email on the PAVO system!  This only identifies your Arbiter login for Central Hub use.  You will never be contacted by PAVO at this address.

Q: Why is using the link on the PAVO Membership registration page so important?
A: This link contains encoded information about your PAVO membership that informs Arbiter you have already paid.  If you do not use that link, you will be required to pay a higher, non-PAVO rate to register with Central Hub.  In addition, PAVO and Central Hub will not be able to effectively coordinate access to your Welcome Packet, annual exam, etc.

Q: I am getting an error message when I try to register at Central Hub.  Should I contact PAVO Help?
A: While PAVO and Arbiter are working closely on passing data, the two systems are managed separately.  PAVO is unable to track or resolve any technical issues that occur on the Central Hub.  If you encounter an issue once you are on the Arbiter website, you will need to contact Arbiter Support through this page or by emailing Arbiter Support at  

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