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Awards and Recognition

PAVO Honor Award   |   PAVO Hall of Fame   |   PAVO Excellence in Service    |    USA Volleyball Meritorious Service Award


Each of these awards have been established so that PAVO can honor the outstanding achievements, service, and accomplishments of its members.

PAVO Honor Award

A letter identifying the nominee and evidence of their accomplishments in terms of the criteria listed below must accompany the nomination form.

Send completed nomination packets for this award by November 3, 2023 to:

Karen McNaught, Chair, PAVO Awards Committee
2023 PAVO Honor Award Nomination


The Honor Award is PAVO's highest award, and members are encouraged to nominate candidates for this annual recognition. Candidates must be at least 30 years of age and have worked in promoting officiating through PAVO (or through his/her local affiliated board) for at least ten years. Candidates should be persons of high moral character and personal integrity who, by their leadership and efforts, have made an outstanding and noteworthy contribution through officiating.

To indicate leadership or meritorious contribution, nominations should present evidence of successful experience in ANY of the following categories of service:
Category 1: Leadership
Member of the PAVO Board of Directors.
Outstanding service at the local level in promoting the work of PAVO.
Category 2: Committee Work
Committee work over a period of three years or more with the local or national structure of PAVO.
Category 3: Writing-Research
Author or co-author of one or more books in areas dealing with volleyball officiating.
Author of five or more articles concerning volleyball officiating that have been published in periodicals of national scope.
Producer or director of visual aids to be used in the teaching of volleyball officiating.
Category 4: Speaking and Teaching
Significant addresses for educational groups, conventions, and mass media about volleyball officiating.
Presentations of clinics and workshops concerning volleyball officiating.
Teaching and training of volleyball officials.
Category 5: Officiating and Rating
Hold a PAVO National referee certification.
Officiate post-season women's college volleyball events.
Rate officials for a period of five or more years.
Category 6: Public Relations
Promote the use of PAVO officials as an administrator of a school or recreation group or as a committee member of a city or league.
Serve on the governing body of sports officiating groups other than PAVO and promote women in the decision-making process of other sport groups.
Make an outstanding contribution to developing officiating in volleyball that is not included in the above criteria.

*All Honor Award winners receive a lifetime membership to PAVO and are automatically members of the PAVO Hall of Fame. Current Hall of Fame members are:

2023 Julie Voeck   2022 Donna Carter    2021 Paul Albright   2019 Carole Burke   2018 Corny Galdones
2017 Mary Faragher   2016 Verna Klubnikin   2015 Terry Lawton   2014 Anne Pufahl   2013 Steve Thorpe
2012 Crystal Lewis   2011 Wally Hendricks   2010 Joan Powell   2009 Mike Carter   2008 Dale Goodwin
2007 Ben Jordan   2006 Pati Rolf   2005 Patti Barrett   2003 Cathy Davis   2002 Marcia Alterman
2001 Karen Gee   2000 Linda Fletcher   1999 Pete Dunn   1998 Ann Fruechte   1997 Denise Izatt
1996 Milo Moyano   1990 Ann Casey   1989 Brenda Gelston
1989 Gale House
  1987 Sue Lemaire
1987 Marty Orner
  1986 Helen Parker

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PAVO Excellence in Service Award

Two letters of recommendation must accompany this nomination form.

Send completed nomination packets for this award by November 3, 2023 to:

Lynette Muller, PAVO Executive Administrator
2023 PAVO Excellence in Service Award Nomination


The Excellence in Service Award has been established to honor those who give so generously of their time. Members can nominate a local leader for the Excellence in Service Award.

 Criteria includes:

  1. Be a current member of PAVO in good standing.
  2. Served as a PAVO Board Chair or in another leadership role with a PAVO Affiliated Board in the past twelve months.
  3. Demonstrates active support of PAVO missions and objectives.
  4. Actively pursues additional training opportunities for members of the affiliated board.
  5. Utilizes all available resources to provide a mentoring program for new officials.
  6. Actively seeks new members to join PAVO through affiliated boards.

All nominations are considered by an award committee comprised of the PAVO President, a Member-at-Large, and the member services staff person.

2023 Marigay Schopp, Oregon Collegiate

   Volleyball Officials Association

  2022 Dan Houser, SAVRA   2021 Betty Jo Willard, East Tennessee
2019 Wade DuBois, Western New England   2018 Robyn Courchane, Metro
2018 Christina Fiebich, Metro
  2017 Ray Mink, Pacific Sierra
2016 Anne-Marie Carr-Reardon, Boston 
2016 Ann Hutchins, Michigan 
  2015 Michael Albright, Philadelphia    2014 Tom Sweeney, Merrimack Valley 
2013 Marc Blau, Tacoma Pierce   2012 Carlos Rodriguez, Texas   2011 Apple Kridakorn, Alabama
2010 Peggy Schaefer, Mid-Atlantic   2009 Donna Carter, Central Florida   2008 Betty Near, Michigan
2007 Keith Murlless, North Carolina   2006 Linda Frazier, Kansas   2005 Ray Wiley, North Carolina
2003 Peter Meyer, Arizona   2002 Pat Martin, Alabama   2001 Ed Thornburgh, Indiana


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USA Volleyball Meritorious Service Award

As a member organization of USA Volleyball, PAVO can identify up to five individuals each year to receive the USAV Meritorious Service Award. The PAVO Board of Directors recognizes individuals who have given so much to the sport of volleyball by contributing to the programs and goals of the organization on a local and national level.

    2019      2018      2017      2016

Robyn Buck
Jerry Moews
Rachael Stringer 
Maggie Weissenburger
Marquette Women's Volleyball

Mike Behrens
Tammy Dotson
Christina Fiebich
Brian Jones
Lisa Kresha


Gary Hajek
Paula Martin
Mark Sykes
Ryan Tighe
Bill Topp
Mike Carter
Suzanne Dodd
Wade Dubois
Molly Faragher
Ed Vesely
     2015       2014      2013      2012

CJ McAbee-Reher
Tim Stevens
Denis Bergstedt
Mary Blalock
Doug Darling

Bill Stanley
Donna Carter
Anne Pufahl
Kim Wishum
Lloyd Stevens

Steve Thorpe
Brian Hemelgarn
Keith Murlless
John Patterson
Miki Kennedy
Carlos Rodriguez
Joan Powell
Leisa Jordan
Thomas Hoy
Kathy DeBoer
     2011      2010      2009      2008
Jim Momsen
Mike Hamilton
Ric Washburn
Todd Dagenais
Becky Oakes
Dan Houser
Steve Bishop
James Phillips
Peggy Schaefer
Deanna Summers
Jason Jones
Daryl Korinek
Phil Nadeau
Nick Todorovich
Dave Yeast
Tad Watson
Crystal Lewis
Mike Pereira
Mark McCloskey
Sharon Cessna
      2007      2006      2005      2004
Jung Park
Heather Perry
Melissa Stokes
Sue Mailhot
Phil Shoemaker
Chris Robinson
Susie Fritz
Julie Voeck
Piep Van Heuven
Charlie Brown          
Brad Underwood
Joel Reinford
Steve Ellinger
Verna Klubnikin
Don Hardin          
Paul Albright
Mary Faragher
Sue Medley
Tom Sweeney
Sheryl Solbeg      
      2003      2002      2001      2000
Deitre Collins
Barry Mano
Sheryl Solberg
Kelly Stosik
Jack Wilcox          
Charles Ezigbo
Dennis Lafata
Margie Mara
Pat Martin
Rusty Wellman
Mary Ann Borowicsz
Kathy Ferraraccio
Don Goodwin
Ed Thornburgh
Brenda Weare
Jennifer Alley
Diane Everett
Wayne Lee
Susie Senecaut
Van Swearingen          
      1999      1998      1997      1996
Corny Galdones
Wally Hendricks
Karen Kuhn
Nancy Nester
Susan True
Debbie Chin
Dale Goodwin
Tim Harlow
Michael Hilliard
Rick Welch          
Norma Carr
Ann Casey
Linda Fletcher
Denise Izatt
Alice Khol
Anne Marie Carr-Reardon
Cathy Davis
Cindy Hardy
Jamie Lipman
Donna Wilson

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Direct questions to Lynette Muller, Executive Administrator, PAVO Central Office at or 316-788-4035.

Direct technical questions to