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Scorer Certifications

Scorer Certification

The objectives of the PAVO Scorer Certification programs are to:
     • Increase the knowledge and competency of scorers, including assistant scorers.
     • Increase recognition of scorers as professional members of the officiating team.
     • Advocate for reasonable scorer compensation.
     • Build a database of certified scorers.

Using the Scorer Certification Standards outlined below, PAVO Affiliated Boards (and other structures that establish a program meeting the minimum standards) have the authority to award and renew scorer certification. Certified scorers will receive the certification, a "Certified Scorer" patch, liability insurance coverage, a subscription to the Official Word e-newsletter, PAVO member discounts on travel, events, and merchandise, and access to the NCAA Central Hub. Current-year rule interpretation newsletters, messages from the National Coordinator, and other important seasonal information are only available on the NCAA Central Hub. Names of certified scorers will be circulated through PAVO to conferences, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc.


Scorer Certification Standards

To be PAVO-certified, scorers must join a PAVO Affiliated Board as either a STANDARD MEMBER or an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. A list of PAVO AFFILIATED BOARDS is available from the PAVO Resources tab on our website. All PAVO members, including Scorer members, must accept the terms of the PAVO Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, Conditions of Membership, General Waiver, and Media Release. These documents are electronically signed and submitted during the online, annual registration and dues-payment process.

Additional requirements include:

    • Attend a training session, conducted by an approved PAVO instructor, where current-year materials developed by PAVO are used. Approved instructors include any PAVO State or National referee, any NCAA Division I conference coordinator/assignor, any individual who has been assigned as a scorer to a Division I NCAA Regional or Championship event in the last five years, and any USA Volleyball National Scorer with NCAA women's scoring experience.
    • Submit to your Affiliated Board Chair, by December 31:

The current-year written PAVO scorer exam (included with the PAVO Scorer Training Manual). The exam must be corrected to 100% and signed by the PAVO training-session instructor.


Three recommendation signatures from any approved PAVO clinic instructor. Signatures must be obtained from at least two different individuals, and be based on at least one 25-point set. Recommendations may be based on observations at any women’s or men’s collegiate match, or any other PAVO, USA Volleyball, or high school match officiated by referees certified by PAVO or USA Volleyball within 12 months of the date of observation. Recommendation forms are included in the PAVO Scorer Training Manual, or can be obtained from the PAVO Central Office ( or 316-788-4035).

    • Certification expires annually on June 1.


Renewal Requirements

     • Attend an annual Scorer training session as described above.
     • Submit to your Affiliated Board, by December 31:
        - The current-year written PAVO Scorer exam, corrected to 100% and signed by the PAVO training-session instructor.
        - One (1) written recommendation signature (see description above) annually.

Direct questions to Lynette Muller, Executive Administrator, PAVO Central Office at or 316-788-4035.

Direct technical questions to