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PAVO's iREF Training Program

Now a member benefit for all current PAVO members.

What is iREFIt is PAVO's flagship online officials' training program. It is a multi-level, comprehensive learning management system for volleyball officials. The iREF program is progressively structured and patterned after a college curriculum. There are four levels of iREF modules – 100 through 400 – providing the foundation needed for volleyball officials of all experience levels. iREF is designed to provide PAVO members with tools and knowledge applicable to growth and excellence in their roles as volleyball officials. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced official, PAVO's iREF offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including rules and regulations, game management, communication skills, and so much more. Our program is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere, making it easy for PAVO members to fit training into their busy schedules. We believe that by investing in the education and development of all our member officials, we can enhance the quality of volleyball officiating and help our members achieve their full potential.

Why iREFThe iREF mission is to standardize the fundamental training that was previously only offered by various PAVO Affiliated Boards, USAV Regions, and NFHS state associations. While all current members of PAVO have unrestricted, 24/7 access to all iREF content, specific completion criteria remain tied to PAVO referee certifications; for example, entry-level referees must take the 100-level modules to achieve PAVO Apprentice referee certification. But the benefits of iREF go beyond certifications criteria.

Current PAVO members: CLICK HERE to access iREF.