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COVID-19 Resources

The past two months have brought unforeseen challenges and difficulties to all of our lives. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and during these uncertain and changing times, PAVO is committed to helping our members in any way possible. Many people's lives have changed in drastic ways during this pandemic and we want to ensure that our community of volleyball members have the resources needed to take care of not only their physical and financial health, but also their emotional and mental health. Mental health difficulties can affect a person's thinking, feelings, and behaviors. They can also affect the way a person relates to other people and how well they manage day-to-day activities. Throughout this time, PAVO is dedicated to offer help, hope, and healing to our members as needed. At PAVO, we have hope. Hope that we all will get through these unprecedented times and we will come out stronger. With this infectious optimism, we will rise above and return to some sort of "normalcy."

While we are familiar with viruses like the common cold and the flu, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is new and presents a situation that none of us could have imagined a few short months ago. The fact that it is extremely contagious has resulted in business closures, social distancing, and quarantine measures which have disrupted our daily lives. It is more important now than ever to pay attention to mental health during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

Below are links to several resources PAVO has found helpful. The information we provide is not intended to constitute legal or medical advice; instead, all information, content, and materials are for general informational purposes only. PAVO Cares!

Mental Health Resources (newest additions):

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