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Officials' Certification

PAVO offers referees, line judges, and scorers numerous training opportunities to learn and improve their officiating skills. These training opportunities can result in certification from PAVO.

The NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee considers PAVO training and certification for officials to be extremely important to the success of volleyball events.


PAVO has established several levels of certification for referees. Certification criteria include satisfactory completion of the written exam, on-court evaluation, and completion of iREF training materials. There are approximately 90 local officials associations affiliated with  the  national  PAVO association. Known as Affiliated Boards these local associations can award one of three referee non-National referee certification levels (Apprentice, Local, State). After holding a State certification for a period of time, a referee can apply for candidacy as a PAVO National referee. A National referee certification indicates superior skills and experience as a referee.

Line Judges

The PAVO certification process for line judges includes two certification levels. PAVO certified line judges have attended an annual clinic administered by an approved clinician using the PAVO training video and manual, have taken the current-year written exam, and have been evaluated during a match. National line judges have met those criteria and also have demonstrated advanced skills during a postseason contest or at a national rating site.

PAVO offers a certification process for women's collegiate scorers that requires attending an annual clinic administered by an approved clinician using the current PAVO training materials, completing the current-year written exam and obtaining on-court evaluations. The training process includes practice games that cover typical and unusual situations that scorers are required to understand and record.




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