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Scorers are an integral part of the officiating crew because a competent scorer understands the rules of volleyball and knows how to record the facts of a match. The scorer also oversees the work of the assistant scorer, who is responsible for tracking the libero replacements and recording challenges.

For a more in-depth account of current scorer techniques and mechanics; including best practices, tips, and instructions for using the NCAA Women's Volleyball Scoresheet, please reference the 2022-2023 PAVO Women's Volleyball Officiating Manual for Referees, Line Judges, and Scorers. The 2022-2023 PAVO Women’s Officiating Manual is now made available to all PAVO Standard and Associate members in electronic/downloadable format. Members can access it from the Rules and Tools tab on the PAVO website, after logging in.

If you are not a current member of PAVO, you may purchase the 2022-2023 PAVO Women's Volleyball Officiating Manual for Referees, Line Judges, and Scorers from the PAVO E-Store.

Essential Tools for Scorers

2024 NCAA Volleyball Scoresheet - Non-Deciding Set  (new version!)
2024 NCAA Volleyball Scoresheet - Deciding Set (new version!)
2024 NCAA Volleyball Libero Tracking Sheet  (new version!)
2024 NCAA Lineup Sheet (new version!)
2023 CRS Data Collection Form (designed to be printed front/back)
2023 CRS Data Collection Form Instructions
2023 Scoring and Libero Tracking Procedures PowerPoint Show

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Other Tools for Scorers

Computerized Scoring - the NCAA rules committee has determined that the rules do not prevent the use of a computerized scorer process. However, any computerized scoring application that is used must cover all aspects of a written scorer and/or libero tracking sheet. It is recommended that scorers receive sufficient training before using a computerized system, and that the computerized scoring first be used as a parallel system to the written scoresheet until a sufficient level of competence is achieved. Any scorer using a computerized system must be trained both in keeping score and in use of the computerized software. It is also vital that the computer-scorer have a "spotter' to verbally relay the game events that the scorer must record electronically. It simply cannot be done alone.

Training information:
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  DataProject E-Scoresheet 

"e-Scoresheet is the software that guides you to electronically record the match scoresheet in real time using automation..." (
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VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software

“Scorekeeping and libero tracking in one easy-to-use app”

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