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Welcome to Challenge Review System (CRS)

NCAA Challenge Review System (CRS)

The NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee approved rules allowing for video review of certain officials’ decisions. As the process has progressed, the rules and various documents have been developed to provide guidance for all participants.

In accordance with the 2018-2019 Rules and Interpretations, the challenge review system (CRS) is a process whereby video review is used to confirm, reverse, or replay specific decisions made by the officiating team. The second referee may reverse a ruling only if the video review reveals by indisputable evidence that the official’s ruling was incorrect. If the second referee determines that the video review is inconclusive, the original decisions stands.

Further details can be found on the documents below, particularly the Resource document.

  2018 NCAA CRS Resource Document
2018 NCAA CRS Checklist for the R1 and R2
2018 NCAA CRS Checklist for the Scorer and Assistant Scorer
2018 NCAA CRS Accepting the Challenge
2018 NCAA CRS Checklist for Event Management
2018 NCAA CRS Announcer Script
  2018 CRS Data Collection Form
2018 CRS Data Collection Form Instructions
2018 CRS Data Collection Form Submission Instructions


Challengeable Decision Signals

 Foot Fault
 Net Fault
 Attack Line Fault

 Related technique for R1 to indicate the ball was below the height of the net

CRS Guidelines

Established by the NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee, the following must be adhered to by any conference or institution choosing to use CRS during the 2018 season.


  • Head coaches are allowed three challenges per match. Once a challenge is accepted, the number of permitted challenges is reduced by one, regardless of the outcome of the challenge.  If the match reaches a fifth set, each team is allowed an additional challenge.
  • Challenges have no effect on the number of allowed timeouts.

Decisions regarding the following rules, as stated in the NCAA Rules book, may be challenged/reviewed:

  • A ball ruled in or out (including pancakes and antennas)
  • A ball contacting a player (including four hits)
  • Net faults by a player
  • Service foot faults
  • Attack line faults by a back-row attacker

The CRS process consists of the following steps:

  • Event management will ensure that a green challenge card is available to each coach, placed at each end of the score table.
  • When a coach chooses to challenge one of the four decisions above, the coach holds up the green card at the end of the play.
  • The second referee will approach the coach to clarify what is being challenged.
  • Once it is confirmed that the situation/decision is challengeable, the second referee will whistle and signal with a raised arm/fist.
  • The second referee will then review the available video, and determine if there is indisputable evidence that the original decision should be reversed. In some situations, reversing the original decision will result in a replay.