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PAVO provides access to a number of resources for members and others who are seeking general information about the various aspects of officiating.

PAVO Affiliated Boards

Individuals join PAVO through a local board known as an Affiliated Board. Affiliated Boards are responsible for holding clinics and business meetings, providing examination opportunities both in the classroom and on the volleyball court, and promoting their certified members to the local hiring entities (schools and conferences).  There are approximately 90 Affiliated Boards in the United States. PAVO has defined the steps for establishing an Affiliated Board.  Please reference the current PAVO Handbook for Affiliated Board Chairs for full details.

Conference Contacts

Many collegiate conferences and individual schools are using the services of an assignor or conference coordinator to ensure that competent officials are working their matches.  The list provided here is updated regularly, as coordinators and conferences provide PAVO the appropriate information.

Awards and Recognitions

PAVO recognizes the achievements, service, and accomplishments of its members through several awards. The criteria and previous recipients are listed here.

Official Word

The Official Word newsletter is a joint publication from PAVO and USA Volleyball.  Archived copies of the newsletter are available for PAVO members.

Forms and Applications

The forms associated with PAVO training camps and national rating team sites are available here.  For more information on these specific programs, use the links below: 

PAVO Training Camps

PAVO Scholarships

PAVO National Rating Team Sites

Uniforms and Vendors

Professional officials dress for the part!  There are specific uniform guidelines that should be followed and a limited number of approved vendors for some uniform apparel.

Volleyball Links

PAVO plays an important role in the volleyball community.  Other important volleyball-related organizations also communicate and collaborate for the good of the sport.

Direct questions to Lynette Muller, Executive Administrator, PAVO Central Office at or 316-788-4035.

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